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General Rules

The main aim of Metalbark Spółka z ograniczoną odpowedzialnością, Spółka komandytowa (hereinafter referred to as Metalbark) is to obtain constant development of the company and meeting the customers’ requirements by maintaining the highest level of steel structures quality.


Therefore we have defined following core values:We aim at honesty and integrity.

  • We follow Polish and international trade law.
  • We respect unique needs of each customer and always seek individual solutions.
  • We follow the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and we respect our employees’ national origin, race and religion.
  • We take the responsibility for following the code by every employee working in Metalbark.


Employee relations

Ethics and moral norms are the vital factors contributing to Metalbark’s stabilization and success. Our company is one, cohesive team which follows the same set of rules and makes decisions according to Metalbark’s standards of conduct. It contributes to maintaining proper social identity of the company. We are aware of the fact that creating safe and healthy working environment leads to establishing strong bonds between the company and staff.


Our working conditions meet the following requirements:We ensure safe and healthy working conditions and social facilities.

  • We offer equal opportunities to every person and we do not discriminate based on age, sex, race, nationality, ethnic origin or religion.
  • We respect other people and do not tolerate harassment, humiliation, hostility or intimidation.
  • We do not employ any person below the age of 15 or applicable higher legal minimum age.
  • Metalbark will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour. Acting against the Code should be immediately reported to the supervisor and consequently, further steps will be taken to ensure help and support.
  • We do not use slave labour or forced labour.
  • It is essential for Metalbark to pursue the employees’ careers. We provide professional training and opportunities to take part in conferences or trade fairs.


Activity in our marketplace

Metalbark promotes:

  • Creating positive working conditions which are beneficial for people and the environment.
  • Preventing bribery, corruption and anti-competitive actions.
  • Protecting intellectual property and assets by safeguarding any confidential information.
  • Taking care to exchange information carefully and store it in a safe way.
  • Obeying fair-trade rules according to professional, legal and ethical guidelines.
  • Offering socially responsible solutions which complies with the law.


Environmental responsibility

Metalbark is aware of the fact that environment protection is a key factor because of following issues:

  • Health
  • Aesthetic values
  • The beauty of the landscape.


Thus, Metalbark takes responsibility for its activities, which influence the environment, by seeking environmentally friendly solutions, such as:

  • Decreasing or elimination of waste to create a sustainable world.
  • Looking for possibilities of recycling.
  • Lowering cost of waste and its influence of environment.

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E. Petersona 11 Street
85-862 Bydgoszcz

   icon telefon +48 52 52 32 401
   icon email recepcja@metalbark.pl 

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